Opal is a type of quartz. Origin of name: from Sanskrit (Sanskrit is a classical Indian language) upala = precious stone. They are luminous and iridescent with inclusions of many colours. Opals show a play-of-colour (a shifting of spectral colours) Opals are found in the regions of Mexico, Brazil, USA, Japan, Honduras, Kenya, Czechoslovakia, Peru, Canada but by far Australia is the main source of opals, almost ninety-five per cent of all fine opals come from the dry and remote outback deserts.

Colour : White, black, red, orange, most of the full spectrum, colourless, iridescent. Very infrequently of a singular colour.
Hardness : 5.5-6.5 

Opal’s fire carries a spiritual energy that burns through attachments, wounds, and negative patterns. It can amplify your emotions, bringing semi-conscious patterns to the surface of your awareness to be dealt with.