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Frequently asked questions

How do i keep my silver jewellery clean?

All silver will tarnish over time. It is very easy to keep your silver jewellery looking clean and shiny. Ideally you should store your silver in an airtight container away from the light. Give your silver jewellery a quick polish with a silver cloth before wearing or if it is beginning to look dull or tarnished. Heavily tarnished silver can be cleaned using a silver dip, which should be readily available from your local hardware store or larger supermarkets. Do not use a silver dip with silver jewellery, which has an oxidised finish or which has stones, ambers etc. Only use as a last resort.

Silver Jewellery should be removed before going to bed and bathing.

What is sterling silver?

Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals, usually copper.

What is gold filled?

Gold filled is manufactured with a brass core that is fused with an outer layer of 14ct gold (approx 2%) . The outer layer of gold must be at least 1/20 of the overall metal content by weight making it thicker and more durable than gold plating.

How long will my order take ?

Most items are already in stock and we will try to send them out within 1 - 3 working days however please refer to delivery times listed on each individual item as this could vary. Items made to order will be assessed and time scale quoted individually.

Do you make custom jewellery ?

Yes. Please contact me using the contact button on the top right of the page to discuss any variations or special requests such as sizing, stone setting etc.

What is metal clay ?

Metal clay handles similar to traditional modeling clays, and, when dried, it is transformed into a solid object through a firing process. During firing, the methyl cellulose, typically called "binder", is burned away and the metal particles "sinter" into a solid form. Sintering is the process of making a powdered material (in this case, metal clay) coalesce into a solid mass by heating it to a very high temperature, just below the point of liquefaction.

What if the ring size I require is not listed ?

If you require a ring size not listed ( US or half sizes ) just choose the nearest size and add a note at the checkout of the size you want.