Handmade solid silver Pangolin scale pendant with silver chain.
16cm, 18cm and 20cm length belcher chains available.

By buying this pendant you will be helping to support the fabulous work of R.E.S.T Namibia as 25% of the sale goes towards helping rare and endangered species such as the pangolin in Namibia. 

The fourth photo is Maria Diekmann founder of R.E.S.T modelling the pendant with Amos the pangolin all the way in beautiful Namibia.

Check out www.restnamibia.org for more information on the rescue and rehabilation.

PangolinCreations name was born out of a love for the Pangolin an elusive scaly critter which sadly happens to be the most trafficked in the world due to demands for its scales and meat. This means that all species of Pangolin are now endangered and some reaching critical status. By simply using its name we thought we could generate interest in what it was drawing attention to the cause. This wasn't enough for us though and we wanted to be able in some way help financially and seeing the tireless and often heartbreaking work that an organisation like R.E.S.T and its special individuals do for animals such as Pangolins and also Vultures, Dik Diks, Spotted Rubber Frogs and the Dwarf Python, we created a pendant that displayed the beautiful scales of the Pangolin that would raise money through sales.
Through collaboration with R.E.S.T some pendants were donated for their online auctions and now we are thrilled to sell them with 25% of sale going directly to conservation.
So you can own a beautiful piece of Pangolin silver jewellery and support a wonderful cause.
Thank you in advance for helping wildlife.

Pangolin Conservation Silver Pendant