An absolute one of a kind sterling silver rectangle ring cast by using a cuttlefish technique which produces the continuous ripple effect across the ring.
No two pieces can ever be exactly the same truly unique!

A real solid individual piece using nature to provide a stunning piece of jewellery.

Wear art!

Unique Sterling Silver Rectangle Cuttlefish Ring

  • It is said that this method has some good history likely to be used by the Vikings and others in the middle ages. That idea of going back to basic silversmithing really appealed to me as well as the fact that every single time you will get an absolutely different piece of jewellery.
    I carefully choose cuttlefish pieces that I feel will deliver an intricate and interesting pattern.
    This method uses cuttlefish as a two part mold material which is the first thing I have to make. Silver is then melted in a crucible getting the temperature just right is crucial to form a full ring with a good pattern. This is then poured through an opening to cast the ring within the cuttlefish. Once cooled this can be removed and further work can be done to finish the ring.