A pair of handcrafted FIne Silver Spider Earrings.

For all arachnophiles this quirky pair of spiders will adorn your ears beautifully.

Crafted from metal clay and inspired by visitors to our garden spinning spectacular orb webs I created 'araneus diadematus' (cross spider) type earrings.
Perfect for Halloween, a real treat.

Silver Spider Earrings

  • Metal clay handles similar to traditional modeling clays, and, when dried, it is transformed into a solid object through a firing process. During firing, the methyl cellulose, typically called "binder", is burned away and the metal particles "sinter" into a solid form. Sintering is the process of making a powdered material (in this case, metal clay) coalesce into a solid mass by heating it to a very high temperature, just below the point of liquefaction.

  • Length: 15 Millimetres

    Width: 20 Millimetres